Photography by Jim Hughes

Wow! Here it is May 2018 already and its been a while since I've updated my website.  Since the last update I've gone to Europe on a Viking Riverboat cruise (see Gallery 2016 Europe), moved to the beautiful mountains of North Georgia and "survived" my first winter here.  The 11" of snow in December provided some great shooting opportunities I didn't get in sunny Florida (see 1st nine photos in gallery:"Birds of Forests & Fields"). 

Use the "Navigation Bars" above this slideshow to visit other pages. The photos are organized in "Galleries". To open one, simply click on it (i.e., the Europe photo gallery is in the folder called "Travel"). 

Another thing regular visitors will notice is more photos which have been digitally modified to give a more "artistic" look.  New examples can be found in Europe(Paris) and Birds of Fields & Forest galleries.  Let me know what you think!

Every day a little progress.