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Melissa Love (Worley)(non-registered)
Hi Jim,
I found a picture I develop for you a long time ago that you framed for me. I hope you are doing well! I love all your work! But I always have!
You old Walgreens Pal
Amazing pics Jim. Thanks so much for sharing. When pictures can tell a story - they are fascinating and yours do just that. Keep up the great work!
Very nice(non-registered)
Thanks for inviting me to see your work.
Finaly I've looked at your site your pictures are beautiful. I've no words for it.
Thanks that you gave us your site.
Greetings Minou van Noort (Keukenhof april 2012 with 3 daughters).
Chelly Harkness(non-registered)
Jim, you're work is amazing and of all the photographers we work with at the art festivals, you're work still stands out as the finest there is. As always, I am impressed. I like to think the woman behind you, beside you, and holding the gear, (Debbie), makes it all possible. :)
Kathi Anthony(non-registered)
Simply beautiful. You have captured the beauty of life!
Richard and Bernadedtte Stypula(non-registered)
Breathtaking. Thanks for sharing.
muriel (Getty) Greuter(non-registered)
Very Beautiful. A true Artist !
Telfair Ryder(non-registered)
Jim, your work is breathtaking and it makes me grateful for something I take for granted on a daily basis.....my eyesight. You obviously derive great pleasure from your work, as it manifests itself in the final outcome. To fulfill a passion in such a way is awe-inspiring, to say the least.
Betty Younan Bass(non-registered)
I cannot even use a point and shoot. I am totally impressed. Every picture is more amazing than the last one.
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